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Branding with a dash of flavor

September 3rd seemed to be a day full of announcements for some major technological companies.

Apple released the date of unveiling it’s newest addition to the iphone family,¬†Amazon’s release of the Kindle Paper white was announced for later on in September, and Facebook’s launch of a nail polish called ‘Social Butterfly Blue.’ One particularly large player in the technology game had an announcement of it’s own to make, a partnership with a familiar food corporation, Nestle.

Google has partnered up with Nestle corporation and announced that the newest version of its operating system Android 4.4 will be called KitKat. Although appealing to the senses, this announcement does not particularly get my tastebuds tingling as I recall similar marketing strategy being deployed to link customers to the positive imagery of sweets to technology.

In 2008 LG released a line of phones called the LG chocolate. While the shape of the phone did indeed share a resemblance to a traditional chocolate bar, beyond that there were no real similarities to be had; and that is what therein lies the difficulty of linking food items successfully to technology. Food especially ones such as chocolate which are not only linked to taste but to feelings of excitement, positivity, joy, and comfort are very hard to adequately connect with the physical sensation of cold hard plastic. Try to link it with an operating system (something even less substantial to a consumer), and the task becomes even harder.

The technological behemoth has a plan though: the release of Google merchandise as a contest prize launched by Nestle, and rumors of limited android mascot shaped KitKat bars. None the less, Androids line has been named after food products since its launch and although used, their connection to the foods of their namesake has been passing at best and my guess is that it will continue to remain this way.

via Stockvault.net credit goes to user Merelize

via Stockvault.net credit goes to user Merelize



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