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A new Persona

In today’s world the importance of social media as a tool not only for social interaction but for professional interface is well known by most if not all people. Despite this many people are either not aware of nor cognizant of how their social media platform use can affect their chances of hiring for positions at companies. Although some are aware of the effect and try to screen for unsightly postings by using tools such as privacy settings, the perceptions of the user affect what is deemed appropriate and inappropriate.

Launching on September 25th, a Seattle based company is releasing a service called Persona that will give users a hand with their virtual clean up efforts. This web based service will provide a second pair of eyes to review content, and will flag post that could be viewed as controversial or improper. This program will also provide a means of deleting that content from your page. This will be a great asset not only for college students and young professionals, but also for users who may not be as tech savvy thus not be knowledgeable about the restrictions that one can place on post or profile accessibility. I eagerly await the launch!

Via dreamstime.com

Via dreamstime.com


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