Reputation is everything, and it comes cheap!

Previously I wrote about Persona and my excitement for the launch of its service, well since then Persona has gone live. Instead of the countdown page that I had initially encountered, there now is an attractive welcome page that includes this video explaining their service:

When you scroll down past the animated feature, you see the two main pricing plans of either $9.99 or $19.99 dollars per year. In the first option images are excluded, while in the second the service provides image scanning and ‘deletion’ option.

One aspect that intrigues me is the assertion that Persona scans multiple social media networks, and then sends ‘alerts’ so that when others post inappropriate things the subscriber can quickly get rid of them. This characteristic of the service is something that I think many would appreciate, especially as they get closer and closer to graduation and thus job hunting as well. Often those PR or social media savvy individuals will have fairly good handle on their own privacy settings, but we cannot control how others interact with us on those same networks. I think that this feature and the picture scanning one will draw consumers in and cause this to be a successful and well used resource.




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  1. This inspires me to imagine a world where everyone who expects to get anywhere in life needs to afford a service like this.

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